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The Southdown sheep is recognised as one of the oldest Downs breeds that originated in the United Kingdom. Their ancestors are believed to have been grazing the short sweet herbage of the Downs when William of Normandy set foot on English soil at Pevensy.  The records show that Rev. Samuel Marsden imported Southdowns to Australia soon after his arrival in 1793.  

These lovely miniature sheep are not runts or stunted sheep, they are the original "Olde English" Southdowns.   They have been named Babydoll Southdowns, to distinguish the difference between these "original type" of smaller Southdown and the "modern" larger, Southdown that is widely bred throughout Australia today.

Babydolls have a short fleece staple, it should be fairly dense, yet fine.  Babydolls can be different colours  ranging from off white to black.  Although, these sheep are quite rare in Australia and the main colour found to date is a cinnamon colour with dark brown points and legs.  Their woolly faces and a permanent smile have given them the nick name of "Teddy Bear" sheep. 

Their temperament is gentle, (sometimes even docile), friendly and curious.  The Babydolls have been used widely throughout the US and UK to eat the undergrowth in vineyards and orchards alike.  They are great lawn mowers and rarely go out of their way to damage growth on trees.  Due to their stocky build and can mature between 17" to 24" (42.5cm to 60cm) at the shoulders, they are limited to how far they can reach the limbs on trees.

Babydolls were the original meat sheep and their wool used for craft purposes.  There almost square stature gives them a firm foot hold on the ground and are fairly robust for such a small animal.

We breed and will be selling Babydoll lambs as pets/lawn mowers, breeders, meat sheep and wool.  Our annual lambing season will be late July/August .  

A few of our crossbred ewes will be joined with our Babydoll rams, therefore, we will also have several crossbred Babydoll lambs to sell each year as pets, at a cheaper price. 

If you want further information about Babydoll Southdowns, I am more than happy to answer any further questions. 


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The Babydoll Southdown Merino Cross wethered boys at 2 months of age.  They are such a beautiful pair of boys and have now gone to a lovely family home as pets. 






These two beautiful twin ram lambs were for sale as pets only and have now gone to a lovely home.  They are Babydoll Southdown Merino Cross.  The boys do have some features of the Babydolls, such as woolly faces & legs and of a smaller size.  

All lambs will not be available to go to a new home, until they are at least 3 months of age and weaned.








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